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OH MAN, this year's candidates are AWESOME. EVERY one of them is a character, but THIS GUY, Jimmy McMillan is the BEST... and he looks like the black Hulk Hogan. <--party's theme song is being played. awesoooome!! <-- another song, omg, LOL

and yes, that's him singing!! LMAO (lyrics:


"Jimmy McMillan a registered Democrat I created my own Political Party [Rent Is Too Damn High] because the Democratic Party not only moved to the Right and to the Left, they moved completely out of sight!"


Jimmy McMillan, Rent Is Too Damn High Party
What's your most attractive campaign promise?:
Reduction in rent, and going after the landlords who boosted the rent prices after the attack of the World Trade Center, and the landlords who have violations that raised the rent and ignored the law that they should have abided by. And I’m going after them, that is my campaign promise. The rent will be reduced, no question about that.

Describe a typical McMillan voter: The voter who can’t afford breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When they open their refrigerator, when they open their wallet, there’s nothing there….Something that the typical McMillan voter would understand is that their children have no place to live in this city. There is no future here for them. If we can’t pay the rent today, they cannot pay it tomorrow.

What's your biggest gripe with Mayor Bloomberg?: None. He didn’t vote himself into office ….I have no beef with him. I wish him well, I wish him luck, congratulations to him for becoming a rich man and his personal business. Congratulations for him for using the techniques of Bernie Madoff to persuade the people to vote for him.

Now say something nice about Mayor Bloomberg: Michael Bloomberg is a good-looking man, like I said, and I told him that, in his face. Nice-looking man, just like me. Self-preservation is the key to life.

What's your motivation for running in a race that, let's face it, you probably won't win: I don’t look at it like that. I had a reporter who asked me that the other day, he said, “McMillan, you can’t win.” I said, “Well, why are you doing a story on me, you’re not going to be a good reporter.” So you have to think positive about yourself …. Jimmy McMillan feels that he is going to be the next mayor of the city of New York, and his approach is that he is going to be the next mayor of the city of New York. You’re talking to the next mayor of the city of New York, and his name is Jimmy McMillan.
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